Intelligence Series : IQ Test 1.1

Intelligence Series : IQ Test 1.1



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Date Added:24 February, 2014

Author: Sumit Anantwar

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Train your IQ, measure your IQ, send IQ challenges to your Facebook friends. The most advanced, comprehensive and social intelligence measuring system on app store.

Based on our advanced measuring algorithm, we measure all aspects of human IQ through carefully chosen questions and present you with a convenient IQ score. To make it fun and engaging, create IQ challenges for your Facebook friends and track scores through Leaderboards. IQ tests fun and engaging like never before!!

This app helps you develop and measure following IQs all in one single app:
1) Logical IQ : Logical side of brain
2) Quantitative IQ : Quantitive side of brain
3) Analytical IQ : Analytical side of brain
4) Spatial IQ : Extracting info from pictures
5) Verbal IQ : verbal intelligence

The app has 10 comprehensive categories with 880+ questions to train and test your IQ. All questions have been vetted carefully. The focus is more on training and sharpening your IQ. Use "Challenge" to setup Facebook challenges for your friends.

1) Arithmetic Reasoning
2) Logical Sequence
3) Cause and Effect
4) Blood Relations
5) Venn Diagrams
6) Character Puzzles
7) Data Sufficiency
8) Analogy
9) Series
10) Classification

Various features packaged into the app:
*Facebook challenge your friends
*Leaderboards to send and accept challenges from friends and track scores.
*Progress Meter to track your progress in each category
*Set timer to time your test

System Requirements: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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